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Repairs to Alternators & Starters
We can rebuild/repair Alternators & Starters. If not we can quote for a replacement one at very competitive prices.
Engine Management Systems
Hamilton Ltd. are experienced and qualified vehicle electronic specialists and we have the diagnostic tools and experience to repair all types of Engine Management problems.
The Airbag Control Module determines when to deploy your airbags using multiple crash sensors around the vehicle to make its decision. We can diagnose, and in many cases repair, any problems with your airbag system - With repair that can be performed by us much more cost effectively than by main car dealers.
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) enables improved steering control of a vehicle when there is sudden braking. If a fault develops in the ABS, a warning light will usually be illuminated on the vehicle dashboard - indicating that the ABS is currently disabled. In that case bring your car to Hamilton Auto Electrics and we will be able to diagnose the location of the problem and, if possible, repair the ABS without the need to expensive part replacements.
Head Lamp Alignment
Correct headlamp adjustment is a very important safety issue. Setting headlamps too low means that the field of vision is limited after dark but if they are too high, they can dazzle and impair the view of others on the road. We can test both classic and modern lighting systems and ensure that they are correctly aligned.
Electric Windows
Electric Windows are not only a convenience, they are also important for safety and security. Being able to open your windows efficiently when driving allows for air flow on hot days, at toll barriers etc. Your windows are also important for escape from the vehicle in the event of an accident. Our diagnostic testing will detect any problems with your electric window operation system.
Central Locking
It can be difficult to detect the deterioration of the power locks leading to the risk of total failure. At Hamilton Auto Electrics we can perform a thorough diagnostic on your central locking, and if there is any problem we will get the systems in working order again in no time.
Battery Drain / Parasitic Drain Testing
We can evaluate your car battery and charging systems to ensure that there is no routine battery drain. Parasitic drain detection requires a more extended test. High-specification vehicles may contain over 60 computer modules, linked by multiple networks, which all play a part for the seamless operation of the vehicle driving and comfort control systems. On exiting and locking the vehicle there can be an extended shutdown period before all these systems enter sleep mode. Should there be any fault in this shutdown procedure, and one or more modules remain active, this can result in a slow drain on the battery - often leaving it without charge after an extended period.

Hamilton Auto Electrics can perform the required diagnostic procedures and locate solutions to any battery drain problems.
Climate Control/Air Conditioning
Climate Control / Air Conditioning systems need regular servicing to keep up their chilling effectively or the uncomfortable smell in the car. Hamilton Auto Electrics will perform cost efficient servicing of your climate control system. Leak detection: R134a Systems only.
Repair for all those NCT requirements: wipers, washer jets, horn, lights, tidy-up wiring, warning lights on your dash clocks.

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